SPANISH NEWS: Woman falls from window fleeing from ex-partner in Valencia

VICTIM: The fall left the woman in intensive care. CREDIT:

A WOMAN is in intensive care after falling from a window at her home in Manises in Valencia when she was confronted by her knife wielding ex-partner, Spanish media reported.

Police are investigating whether the woman fell by accident while trying to get away from her 52-year old former partner or whether she jumped in a panic.

Police were alerted to the incident by a call to 091 in the early hours of Thursday morning reporting there had been an argument and a woman was lying in the street injured. When officers arrived they found the victim semi-conscious and bleeding from the head.


Her aggressor had reportedly arrived at her home and threatened her. She locked herself in a room, but he broke down the door, which is when she fell from the window.

The victim is being treated in Valencia’s La Fe hospital.

Her aggressor faces charges of attempted homicide.

Both the victim and the ex-partner are Chinese nationals.


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