Mojacar nativity scene recreates emblematic corners of the Costa Almeria destination

GREEN: This year’s official nativity is made entirely from recycled materials. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

MOJACAR has unveiled this year’s nativity scene, which recreates some of the most emblematic places in the municipality.

Located in Mojacar village’s Plaza del Parterre, this year’s nativity features locations like the public fountain, the old “torreon” toll house and the Santa Maria church.

It is the work of Mojacar’s Rey Alabez Institute year one to four pupils, guided by their art teacher Lucrecia Parra.


The idea for the project came up last year after the students created a nativity scene for the municipal multi-purpose centre. Given its popularity, and following a request from Mojacar local authority, this year the youngsters worked on creating a nativity made entirely from recycled materials.

The result is the municipality’s striking official nativity scene, a reflection of the hard work and care which went into it.

Mojacar Mayor Rosa Maria Cano and members of her local government team officially inaugurated the nativity. Mojacar parish priest Jose Esteban Jerez then blessed the work.

He also encouraged all local people to create their own nativity scenes in their homes to ensure such an age-old Christmas time tradition does not become lost.

The inaugural act also included hot chocolate and typical Christmas sweet treats for the public.

The nativity scene will remain open to the public throughout the festive season holiday period.


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