Mallorca News Top Story – Pitbull launches horrifying attack killing 7 animals in Algaida, Mallorca


A PITBULL carried out a vicious attack on animals at a farm in Algaida in Mallorca, Spain, mauling to death 5 sheep and 2 lambs, with several others being seriously injured.

The horrifying event was witnessed by stunned workers at Can Moragues estate near Puig de Randa on Friday, December 13.

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The dog, who belongs to a nearby resident and is known to be very aggressive in the area, ran into the farm and pounced upon the petrified animals as if “it was a game.”

In fear that this may happen again to another animal or even a child, staff reported the incident to the Local Police who have subsequently launched an investigation. Algaida Council have also been informed. 


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