Gibraltar New Top Story – Chief Minister congratulates Boris Johnson on UK election triumph

Fabian Picardo with the Governor of Gibraltar following his own election victory Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his general election victory which means that Gibraltar will almost certainly leave the European Union on January 31 next year.

The situation for Gibraltar is that it will be included in an agreed transition period for the United Kingdom, which the Government of the Rock had worked hard to ensure was included in any agreement.

Without such protection, Gibraltar would have had to leave the European Union without a transition period before the United Kingdom.


On Monday next (December 16), the Chief Minister will be making a full statement to Parliament on the way forward but has now said;

“I have written to Boris Johnson to congratulate him on his election as Prime Minister. The result of the election in London is clear and gives him a clear mandate, just as, eight weeks ago, Gibraltar’s election result was clear and gave our Government an equally clear mandate.

“The argument and the debating is over. It’s time to prepare to deliver a Brexit that is safe for Gibraltar and delivers on the result of the successive votes of the people of the United Kingdom.

“The time has now come to do this.”


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