COSTA BLANCA SOUTH: Families still homeless in Elche 3 months after roof collapse


NEARLY three months after the partial collapse of a roof five families still can’t return home. 

They were forced to evacuate the apartment block in the Carrus district of Elche in September. 

Now they are asking the city council for help with the cost of the repairs so they can move back into their homes. 


The families say that the cost will be high and they cannot get loans for the repairs because of their financial situation. 

One of the affected people is Sonia Miranda, who has been living in rented accommodation with her  children ever since. This situation costs her €450 a month, she says. Social Welfare provides a grant of €300 euros towards this, but “we have already been told by the City Council that this aid ends and we can do nothing.”  

She added: “The problem is that if we can not even afford the €450 rent, imagine being able to pay for the repairs.” 

She finished: “We need help to deal with this. What is at stake is not only our lifestyle but that of small children, who need a place to live.” 

From the City Council has said that from the outset it has used all its means to help the families. In fact, it assumed the cost of removing debris and the first architectural reports to determine whether it was safe or not to access the building. From there, “the residents are the ones who should seek a solution, because the City Council cannot rehabilitate a private building,” municipal sources said. 

The building’s property manager said that there have been numerous meetings with architects and municipal engineers to develop a repair project and seek solutions, and it is fair to recognise the good will and help received so far in everything that they have been able to contribute, because it is true that it is a problem that must be dealt with by the residents.” 

Another drawback when implementing in the immediate future of the project is that there are owners who do not reside here, had their flats rented or were owned by relatives, and are not interested.” 



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