Costa Blanca News: Traditional Nativity play

Medieval reenactment: Auto de Los Reyes Magos.CREDIT: Twitter

ON JANUARY 6, the Auto de Los Reyes Magos will take place in many towns across Murcia consisting of the performance of a medieval nativiTy play.

The play is a reenactment of the eighteenth century story of Felipe Fernandez Vallejo, the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, who discovered an ancient manuscript in the library of Toledo Cathedral which was named the Auto de Los Reyes Magos. It was dated around 1150, making it the oldest known theatrical piece in the Spanish language about the Three Kings following the star to find the baby Jesus.

The traditional performance in El Berro is accompanied by the musical Cuadrilla of the village and viewers can follow the Three Kings through the streets as the story is told at different stop-off points.



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