Costa Blanca News: Lorca shaken by earthquake

Schools evacuated: No known damage.CREDIT: Twitter

AN EARTHQUAKE measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale has shaken Lorca and nearby districts. The quake occurred at 9.12 am last Friday and its epicentre was only one kilometre from the surface, which is why it affected several points of the Region of Murcia.

According to the National Geographic Institute, the shakes were felt in Coy, San Cristóbal, La Paca and Los Canales in Lorca, as well as in the Carmen neighborhood of Murcia and Cehegín.

With less intensity, it has also been felt in Mula, Pliego, Aledo, Alhama, Totana and Bullas. Northwestern municipalities such as Caravaca also felt the tremor.


Residents of Zarcilla de Ramos reported that the earthquake woke those still in bed and explained that “much has been noticed, but no known damage has been recorded.”

For safety, the primary schools of La Paca and Zarcilla de Ramos have been evacuated, as parents had just dropped off their children when the tremors started. According to the mayor, it was not necessary to evict the secondary school and the patrols of the Local Police that moved to the place of the earthquake but did not find any type of damage.



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