Costa Blanca News: Correos announces online marketplace in Murcia to help small businesses

Correos will help local producers to deliver nationally

Correos postal service has introduced their new e-commerce platform in Murcia, which will offer small and local producers the possibility to commercialise and deliver their products nationally.

The president of Correos, Juan Manuel Serrano, announced the new platform will help small businesses sell their products all over Spain. A statement released by the postal company explained that the initiative will help producers in more remote areas. The platform is part of their #YoMeQuedo campaign, which looks to help entrepreneurs in areas suffering from population decline.

The online marketplace is intended for businesspeople who chose to stay in rural Spain and who need a logistics network to offer their products in an increasingly digital market. Correos has over 150 producers who sell on the online market, highlighting food products such as oil, wine and beer.


Six producers from Murcia and Alicante displayed their goods during the Correos presentation.


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