Adra repeats commitment to fighting drug addiction on the Costa Blanca

AIMS: The main objective is to raise awareness, especially among young people, about the problems associated with consuming drugs. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has repeated its commitment to fighting drug addictions.

The local authority presented details of a €12,000 ‘Antas against drugs’ programme, which is co-financed by the Junta de Andalucia health regional ministry and the council.

The local authority said the plan aims to reduce drug abuse and alleviate the effects of using, helping to improve the health of the local population. A further idea is to develop drug use prevention programmes aimed at families.


“The main objective of Adra against drugs is to raise awareness among the whole population, but especially young people, about the problems associated with consuming drugs, as well as the health and social problems which addictions lead to”, commented council spokesman Jose Crespo.

Promoting what he described as “responsible service in bars and pubs” is a further goal, Crespo said, as well as positive activities to promote physical, psychological and social health.

“Adra council will carry on working to improve the quality of life and healthy habits of all Adra residents, with particular attention on those who need our help due to suffering from some kind of addition, so they can come out of it and get their lives back away from these harmful substances”, he added.


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