Today in Murcia government spokeswoman says it can not do more for Los Alcazares after floods

Floods in los Alcazares. Credit MeteOrihuela/Facebook
Floods in los Alcazares. Credit MeteOrihuela/Facebook

A SPOKEWOMAN for Murcia Regional Government has today said it can “not do more” for Los Alcazares, in Spain, which has twice been flooded out in recent months. 

Ana Martinez Vidal, stressed this that the autonomous community has taken all possible measures to alleviate the effects of the DANA storm in the Mar Menor municpalities. 

She added that it can not do more without incroaching on national government powers. 


She said: “On the part of the regional government, we cannot do more. We cannot invade state competences.” 

She stressed that the draft decree of urgent measures for the Mar Menor will be approved on December 26. 

Martinez Vidal  added that the law will be “courageous” with “impact measures”, saying that no municipality has been left out by the government. This includes Los Alcazares, where last weekend the residents took to the streets to protest that they feel abandoned. 

“We are on their side,” she said, but insisted that the plan to prevent flooding is the responsibility of the State and it is the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS) that should implement it. 

She pointed out that the regional government has paid out €400,000 in aid to fishermen who are members of the brotherhood of San Pedro del Pinatar, and has enabled a line of aid of half a million euros for the recovery of tourism infrastructure. 

The 2020 budgets, he stressed, will include other “very important” items such as help for businesses affected by the flooding. 


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