SPANISH NEWS: Dozy burglar leaves ID behind at scene of the crime in A Coruña

WHOOPS!: The thief’s ID was in the wallet CREDIT: Shutterstock

A DOZY house burglar left his ID behind in an apartment he robbed in A Coruña in Galicia.

Spanish media reported a wallet dropped at the scene of the crime contained the identity documents of a Ukranian man, although police have yet to track him down.

The break-in at the weekend took place when no-one was at home. The thief, who possibly had an accomplice, forced open the front door.

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Neighbours reportedly heard nothing suspicious due to the noise from a party going on in the flat below.

When the owners got back to the apartment they did not notice anything amiss until they went into one of the rooms and found it had been turned upside down.

The burglar got away with everything of value, but did of course overlook the small matter of his wallet.

According to reports police could have a hard time finding the suspect given he is not  an A Coruña resident, and nor does it seem he has an address anywhere else in Spain.


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