Phone thefts suspects arrested in Murcia

Murcia Local Police
Murcia Local Police made four arrests

FOUR people have been arrested for allegedly stealing €7,000 worth of phones from a Murcia, Spain, shop. 

The arrests took place as part of a police intervention within the framework of the special ‘Safe Trade’ scheme. 

A Local Police patrol was alerted by shop staff that they had just been victims of a theft of several mobile phones, with the officers seeing several people apparently fleeing the scene. 


Local Police began a chase, and were joined by National Police who were also patrolling the area as part of their Christmas campaign. 

They blocked off any possible escape routes and four people were arrested. 

The investigation was then handed over to the Judicial Police Group of the San Andrés District Police Station, who have said the four are suspected members of a gang. 

They specialise in snatching phones from shops by breaking security devices then escaping on foot into the crowds of shoppers.  

The investigation is still open, and it is yet to be determined whether the alleged thieves have any involvement with other robberies of a similar nature perpetrated in the Region of Murcia. 

 All four men, who are aged between 18 and 23, are of Romanian nationality and were placed at the disposal of the examining magistrate of Murcia. 



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