COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Two men arrested for burglaries in Callosa de Segura

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Malaga's police detain two brothers from Malaga for gender violence. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

TWO men have been arrested for breaking into three Callosa de Segura coffee shops looking for money and alcohol.

The first offence was in August when the men aged 40 and 45 allegedly broke into a cafeteria that was closed for holidays. Police say they forced the tobacco machine, the cash register and a children’s ball machine before making off with cash and bottles of spirts.  

At the beginning of September, another robbery took place, again in a cafeteria in the municipality. This time, the inside of the establishment was accessed through the adjoining, disused premises. The thieves made a hole in the wall to get in.  


On this occasion, the two alleged assailants were captured by video surveillance cameras as they escaped with €800 cash. 

Only a few days later, two men tried to commit a third robbery in another cafeteria. They tried to force the lock of entry with picklocks but were surprised by Local Police officers and arrested the men, who are both from the town. 

A Guardia Civil investigation has attributed all three break-ins to the two arrested men, one of whom has now been remanded in custody by an Orihela court. 



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