COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Mayor calls for choice on language in Valencia

PROTESTS: Parents have been demanding the right to choose to use Castilian Spanish.Credit: Idiomas y Educación

MANUEL Martínez Sirvent, mayor of Callosa de Segura on the Costa Blanca, Spain, has sent a letter to the 26 Vega Baja councils to join forces against a new law that will bring in regulations on teaching in the Valencian language.

The ‘plurilingualism’ law will affect all secondary schools and adult education centres throughpout the Valencia region, even in the Vega Baja where many people don’t speak the language.

He says in his letter that while he respects the Valencian language, he believes that the new law will mean a serious discrimination against students in the Vega Baja.


His aim is to unite parents’ associations and schools in “defence of the freedom of choice of language, and convey to the Valencian Government the concern of the entire Vega Baja on this issue.”

The intention, says Martinez Sirvent, “is to avoid playing politics with an issue which is so sensitive.” He has called a meeting for today to discuss the matter.



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