COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Alicante Cabify driver promised 4 women a free trip then drove recklessly and crashed


FOUR young women endured a frightening experience when their Cabify driver refused to drop them at their destination and instead accelerated away before crashing into a roundabout at high speed. 

Clara, Andrea, Lucia and Alicia called for a Cabify car on Saturday evening in Alicante,on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The trip was to cost Clara Garrido a broken rib, cracked finger and bruising, with her companions lucky to escape from their ordeal with bruises. 

They got in the car on the Rambla and had Avenida Locutor Vicente Hipólito, in Playa de San Juan, as their destination. Soon after they got in the vehicle the driver had asked them how they were going to pay – by card or via the App. He then said: “This trip is going to be free for you.” 


Everything was normal, they said, until they reached their destination. “We told him where he had to stop – but from there we cannot explain what went through his head,” said Clara. 

“When we told him where to leave us, he started to accelerate, without any explanation. We started shouting at him, to stop us, but he went on, dodging several cars, until we hit the TRAM roundabout, flying over the tracks,” she added, speaking to the Spanish press. 

“During the trip he dedicated himself to telling us about his private life, such as that he had just separated and that it had been his birthday and no one had congratulated him.” 

In addition to ambulances, the incident was attended by Local Police officers, who are investigating the man for negligent driving. They also say he tested positive for using amphetamines. 

One of the women got in touch with Cabify to complain. “Explaining what had happened to us, we were told that in the next three trips we would get a 15 per cent discount. I got very angry. Then, after demanding more, they told me that they are not responsible, that they limit themselves to putting users and passenger transport companies in contact.” 


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