Celebrity News: Spanish show stoppers

Police Break Up 100-Strong Warehouse Orgy
A playful approach to sexuality: Simulated orgyCREDIT: Twitter

SPANISH fashion label Desigual has never shied away from vibrant colors, optimistic messaging, or freedom of self-expression ans at this year’s edition of Miami Art Basel they presented events highlighting their playful approach to sexuality. Spanish artist Miranda Makaroff shares a native home base with the label in Barcelona and drew on her endless love of pleasure to create a Spring 2020 capsule collection including technicolor renderings of the human form, contorted in sexual positions, depicted in various states of undress.

At one event a group of models wearing Desigual’s 2020 collection marched down the runway barefoot in a planned effort helmed by Catalan artist Carlota Guerrero and featuring Lola Leon, Madonna’s daughter. From the catwalk, they assembled in pairs and began an enticing seduction of each other starting with a kiss and ending in a show-stopping simulated orgy.




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