Vera council leads the way in Costa Almeria on biometric signatures

BENEFITS: The council said the new system will save time and paper and mean documents cannot be manipulated. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA council is leading the way on the introduction of biometric signatures for its resident attention service.

The local authority explained that from January onwards residents sorting administrative matters with the council will be able to digitally sign forms and requests, allowing the whole process to be done in an electronic format and saving time and paper.

Under the new system, a person’s biometric data is captured. That is a unique physical characteristic, like a voice or fingerprint. Hence the documents are linked to a specific person and cannot be manipulated or added to.


The digital format documents are viewed on advanced electronic signature tablets for the person to sign and to look at. Multiple signatures on the same document are possible.

Commenting during the trial of the new system, Vera New Technologies councillor Belen Carnicer said the council “is working on the implementation of all the technological advances which directly or indirectly have repercussions for an improved service for residents and all the people using municipal administrative procedures and services.”

Once the biometric signature service has been fully implemented, the resident attention office will become the council’s register assistance office for presenting requests, documents and communications for any public administration, whether state, regional or local.

The office will scan requests and accompanying documentation presented by residents, returning the original to them along with a receipt accrediting they handed over the paperwork.

Antonio Ramos, who is responsible for Vera council’s IT and one of the key people behind the implementation of the system at the Town Hall, it means it “continues being one of the most technologically advanced Andalucian public administrations, with the main objective of offering the best possible service, without skimping on the necessary effort to achieve this.


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