Mijas Council donates land to local charity on Costa del Sol

AFESOL and Mijas Council work closely together Credit: AFESOL

CARRYING on with the support that the previous Mijas Council gave to the Family Association and People with Mental Illness of the Costa del Sol (AFESOL), Mayor Josele González has announced the donation of land valued at €175,000 to that organisation.

The plot which covers 400 square metres is located in Campanales and has plans in place for the construction of a ten unit building which AFESOL will manage and offer as sheltered housing.

The intention of both the council and the charity is to help people with mental illness of all types to integrate within a local community with a view to finding places of work and becoming as self-sufficient as possible.


All that is required now is for the organisation to receive the final work licence before AFESOL can arrange to have the work started.

All costs of construction and continued up keep of the building will be the responsibility of the charity but the donation of the land has saved it a great deal of money.

AFESOL is a non-profit association formed by family members and people with mental illness some 20 years ago with the aim of working together to find solutions to the problems that arise with those in need.


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