Rock Cirk combines two great arts in Malaga Costa del Sol

Five artists make a great team Credit:

CHRISTMAS and the New Year are the times for circus but the Teatro Cervantes in Malaga City has a very special one aimed at younger audiences entitled Rock Cirk.

This show which is presented by just five musicians and acrobats combines rock music with agility, acrobatics and fun so for just under an hour, audiences can enjoy a really exciting show which combines expertise from two quite different areas.

It’s presented by the Malaga based Rolabola Theatre Group which won the National Circus Award 2017 and has created a number of original shows over its lifetime.


The show starts at 6pm on January 4 and tickets cost just €9 from the theatre box office, so for a fun day out just before the Three Kings arrive, Rock Cirk may a great option.


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