Jeremy Corbyn – You’re Fired

Lord Sugar a man of strong opinions Credit: Taylor Herring flickr

LONG time Labour supporter Lord Sugar has told the Sun newspaper that he has had enough of Jeremy Corbyn and wants the public to vote Conservative to get Brexit over and done with.

It was Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown who ennobled the then Sir Alan Sugar but since he entered the House of Lords he has sat as a crossbencher and has not been affiliated to the Labour party.

In the interview, he predicts that under Jeremy Corbyn, Britain would be led into “economic crisis” and wants to see a new and far more “sensible” leader.


He denied that his comments were spurred on by self-interest as he believes that everyone would be hit by new taxes and just wants to see a period of stability after Brexit so that industry can actually plan ahead and make sensible financial decisions based on relative certainty.




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