Enjoy a selection of Living Nativities on the Costa del Sol

One Nativity done, three to go Credit: Ayuntamiento de Sa Roque

ONE of the traditions that draw large numbers of visitors are the Living Nativities, where local residents re-enact the birth of Christ.

The town of San Roque just a few kilometres away from Gibraltar is a particularly interesting old town to visit which has a number of different parts of the town joining in.

The first weekend of the live nativity has already passed with not only a Nativity scene but with the recreation of a Judean market, but the old town will present its version on Saturday and Sunday December 14 and 15 at the Plaza de Armas with Mary and Joseph entering through an unseasonal snowstorm and all donations received will be shared by different charities including Caritas


Then nearer to Christmas Taraguilla will hold theirs on Saturday and Sunday December 21 and 22 whilst of Puente Mayorga will just become Bethlehem on Sunday December 22.

This is a free day out which sees many local residents interacting with each other and visitors and is far more interesting than a few statues.

Also around the town there is special Ice Rink with artificial snow and a few well-known characters from Frozen.

There will be plenty of music, carols and flamenco in the town during the run up to Christmas Day.


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