Costa del Sol: Care figures in Malaga

Imbalance of primary care resources: A need for an increase in staff.CREDIT: Twitter

IN 2018, while Andalucian public health allocated 67 per cent of its economic items to hospitals, primary care only received 14.2 per cent.

In the province of Malaga, with 103 municipalities, there are 64 health centres and 75 offices.

Seville, which also has 103 municipalities, has 85 health centres and 88 offices. “The difference in population between the two provinces does not justify this imbalance in terms of primary care resources,” stated sources, who said that the Ministry of Health should make an effort and provide health centres and offices more human and material resources.


Both the Medical Union of Malaga (SMA) and the ‘Basta ya’ platform, formed by family doctors and primary care paediatricians, have pointed out the need for an increase in staff so that physicians have more time to see patients. They also ask that there be a reduction of bureaucracy in the health centres so that doctors do not carry out as many administrative tasks.

A study prepared by ‘Basta ya’ indicates that the main problem seen in primary care centres is work overload associated with low salary. 

Nurses also request an increase in staff in primary care in order to provide a better service to the patients they serve. 


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