COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Bullying on the rise in Alicante schools

More bullying cases reported in Alicante

CASES of bullying in Alicante province schools is on the rise despite plans for coexistence and against school violence that have been put in place in all educational institutions.

A report on school violence by the Ministry of Education, point to a progressive increase of up to six percentage points over the course of three years.

Now the Valencian School Council has warned that the many anti-bullying plans put in place are not proving effective, an assessment shared by Txomin Angós, the president of the provincial federation of parents of students from public schools, (known as ‘Enric Valor’).


However, the Regional Ministry of Education claims that the figures do not indicate more bullying, but rather more effective protocols that mean the cases are reported to the authorities more often rather than being hidden.

Teachers union UGT agrees that once cases are reported then action is taken, but points out that the real difficulty is finding the extent of the problem as pupils are often unwilling to talk about bullying.


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