MURCIA NEWS: Mar Menor building plans reactivated in Cartagena

Local outrage over the environmental problems of the Mar Menor has led to a proposed ban on building. Credit: SOS Mar Menor

PLANS to put a halt to any new construction along the Mar Menor in Cartagena have led to projects for 2,000 new homes in the town to be reactivated after years of lying dormant. 

The announcement of a possible moratorium seems to have woken up landowners who have been sitting on the plans with no actual work done. 

One of these projects is ‘El Vivero’, in La Manga, promoted by Herjoespha S.A. and Portmán Golf S.L. for the urbanisation and construction of 634 houses on land reclaimed from the sea. 


The other two are located in the Diputación de Los Belones and another in the urban area of Los Urrutias. 

The town council has confirmed that since last November 8, when a possible moratorium was first announced, the land owners have started to put in paperwork for fear their projects will remain undeveloped. 

The three projects are in an initial phase and still have a long way to go. Both Los Belones and Los Urrutias “are less conflictive than the project of El Vivero, so they can move forward in the procedure more quickly and, therefore, consolidate rights sooner,” said the council. 

It is thought that the ultimate intention of these owners is not necessarily to end up building their schemes, but to ensure they are entitled to a higher level of compensation if a moratorium is brought in. 

In the case of Los Belones, the reactivated project would cover the land around the local church. This was approved as building land in 2008 and covers 344,000 square metres with room for an estimated 700 dwellings. 

More recently the council approved a modification to the plan for the area in August, with Mayor Ana Belén Castejón, saying that the decision of the board would allow “very important urban projects” to finally proceed after years of paralysis. 

This all changed after the environmental crisis that hit the Mar Menor recently, where thousands of sea creatures died due to a lack of oxygen in the water. 

Now council sources say that “under no circumstances would we support new urban developments around the Mar Menor.” 


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