Costa del Sol: Malaga’s terrace troubles

Businesses bend the rules: Malaga’s pedestrian lifeCREDIT: Twitter

THE ALAMEDA Principal, a new epicentre of the city’s pedestrian life, which has been rediscovered by its neighbours after the redevelopment completion, is an example of what has been going on for years in the Historic Centre. At the beginning of the new walkway, the difficult relationship between some businesses and the framework that regulates the placing of tables and chairs on the public space can already be seen.

Only a dozen of the establishments already have authorisation to place tables and chairs. However, the reality is that with the arrival of the Christmas dates and the current holiday period, not all the owners of the premises comply with the current regulations. There are already a number that far exceed the dimensions of the space allowed.

The majority of the businesses have respected the framework of action designed by the Consistory although some of them have only done so after warnings from the Ayuntamiento.



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