Costa del Sol: Food donations in Malaga

Providing for families: For female victims of gender violenceCREDIT: Diputación de Malaga

THE 119 companies that participated in the Gran Feria Sabor a Malaga in the capital on Sunday collected 1400 kilos of non-perishable products for female victims of gender violence, to help them provide for their families.

Vice president of the Diputación de Malaga, Juan Carlos Maldonado, will present the food donations from the fair to the families of the Association of Women Survivors of the Gender Violence (Amusuvig) and the 12 shelters managed by the Andalucian Women’s Institute.

Maldonado thanked those “who are able to make a better Malaga, not only with their work but also with their solidarity by providing 1,400 kilos of food so that these families can enjoy a Christmas they deserve .”


The president of Amusuvig, Anabel Padial, said that “It is the first time that Sabor a Málaga has supported a project as small as ours.” and that “When they called us we didn’t believe it.”

The program advisor of the Andalucian Institute of Women in Malaga, María Encarnación Santiago, thanked “This gesture of solidarity from the producers of Gran Feria Sabor a Malaga, helping women from homes that are starting from scratch and are survivors of one of the worst scourges that affect society. ”

Among the donations of the producers of Sabor to Malaga, was the contribution of Delicias de Antequera, which contributed a ton of Christmas products.



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