Costa del Sol: Demands to tackle the trash in Malaga

Socialist group’s demands: Make moves to combat illegal landfills.CREDIT: Facebook

THE SPOKESMAN for the socialist group PSOE, Daniel Pérez, demanded the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, ” to make moves to combat the proliferation of illegal landfills in the industrial estates”, due to the “worrying increase in places where they are abandoned bulky waste due to the irresponsible behavior of citizens and also of company workers.” Pérez drew attention to the industrial estates of Santa Barbara, Ordonez – together with the Malaga Nostrum Shopping Center – and Guadalhorce.

The socialist criticized the inaction of the government team to monitor these “waste areas that threaten our environment” and calls for “the creation of more clean points to which companies and individuals can take their large waste”, in addition to the increase in staff in the Local Police to prevent the abandonment of these belongings in public spaces.

In addition, Daniel Pérez recalls that the PSOE already held a plenary session in 2018 “to demand that the government team respond to this serious problem that the city suffers with the growing of areas of both garbage and waste disposal debris“, where you can even see remains of fibre cement, “that if it is composed of asbestos will have powerful carcinogenic material in it.”




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