Costa del Sol: Car sales slump

Bad year for car sales: Increase in mobility alternativesCREDIT: Shutterstock

REPORTS state that 2019 has been a bad year for car sales in Malaga. Until November the registration of new vehicles by individuals has been 18,083 units, a fall of 16.7 per cent, and one of the lowest figures in recent history. When sales for companies and self-registration of dealers are added, the total rises to 25,652 units (11.7 per cent less).

Issues, such as job insecurity; and others of a sociological nature, such as the growing disinterest of the new generations for having their own vehicle or the increase in mobility alternatives, after the improvement of public transport and the rise of bikes and electric scooters could all be major factors for this lull.

For most families, buying a car is one of the most important investments, and uncertainties about whether they will lose a lot of value or be able to use it in cities and even the limits of parking are holding back many buyers. Used cars have become the resource of many families who need a car, but who dare not splash out on a new one. 




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