COSTA BLANCA NEWS: 19,000 kilos of ‘irregular’ food seized in Alicante

Guardia Civil seized 19,000 kilos of food.

THE Guardia Civil has seized more than 19,000 kilos of food products from markets, supermarkets and restaurants throughout Alicante province. 

They were confiscated due to irregularities in labelling, storage temperature, date of consumption, traceability and minimum sizes. 

Among the products seized were 17,600 kilos of dates and a 50 kilo bluefin tuna that had been fished illegally. 


The first inspections were carried by Guardia Civil Seprona agents at two restaurants in Santa Pola, where22 kilos of various fish were seized. They lacked any type of labelling on the date of capture or use by dates, neither did they have invoices or delivery notes showing their origin. 

Another 400 kilos of immature hake, octopus and monkfish were confiscated at the Altea fish market. 

A police statement said: “Knowing that they were banned, they hid them in different parts of the port and inside refrigerated trucks, without having previously gone through the first sale at the auction.” 

Meanwhile, in Vilajoysa, agents surprised two people unloading a bluefin tuna, weighing 50 kilos. 

Police said: “Despite it being a protected species whose capture is prohibited by international agreement, the bluefin tuna is a very coveted fish, a circumstance that poachers take advantage of.” 

Finally, in a wholesale market in Alicante 17,640 kilos of dates that were at an incorrect temperature in the cold store and 33 kilos of immature whiting, in addition to 50 kilos of frozen seafood were also confiscated.  


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