Business launch procedure simplified on Costa Almeria

AIM: The provincial government said the change benefitted economic development and helped battle depopulation in rural areas.

THE bureaucratic process for launching some types of businesses has been simplified in most of the province, the Diputacion de Almeria reported

The provincial government’s Municipality Assistance deputy Eugenio Gonzalez said 90 of Almeria’s 103 local authorities have the document which allows entrepreneurs and business people to start certain business or economic activities with just one procedure, and the councils have now approved the relevant bylaw.

The change applies to businesses which do not require environmental controls. This includes small concerns dedicated to the sale of food products, drinks, textiles, furniture and electrical goods, as well as hair salons and estate agencies.


The deputy described the updating of the regulation as vital for “economic development, equal opportunities and for fixing population in the province’s smallest municipalities.”

Gonzalez said he believed this “administrative flexibility would contribute decidedly to the battle against depopulation in Almeria’s municipalities, as it enables the immediate implementation of economic activities.

“We want to equalize opportunities in all municipalities of the province and for the population to rise in the rural world”, he added.


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