Rainfall guarantees water supply in Marina Baixa region of Costa Blanca

Reservoir levels are at 28 per cent. CREDIT: es.wikipedia.org

WATER for domestic supply and for agricultural irrigation looks to be guaranteed in the Marina Baixa area thanks to the recent rains.

The Marina Baixa Water Consortium has reported that rainfall December 2 and 3 in particular did quite a bit to top up the region’s reservoirs and aquifers, allowing for a positive forecast for next year.

The Guadalest reservoir gained 8.8 cubic hectometres, putting water reserves at 82.5 per cent of total capacity.


The Amadorio reservoir’s reserves rose by 7.6 cubic hectometres to reach 59.8 per cent of capacity.

The wet weather also contributed to water levels in the Polop and Beniarda acuifers.

Water Consortium director Jaime Berenguer described the recent rains as “very important as they fill the reservoirs naturally.”

He explained that the reserves of both the Guadalest and the Amadorio come not only from rain water, but also run-offs and artificially via piping.

The rains helps save money he pointed out as it makes resorting to pumping unnecessary.

Berenguer stressed that 2019 has been one of the rainiest on record.

There has been accumulated rainfall of nearly 750 litres per square metre at the Algar Pluviometry Station this year, 136.05 per cent more than the 550 litres per square metre registered in an average year.


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