More marijuana unearthed on Costa Almeria

SUSPICIOUS: Air-conditioning units were operating 24-hours a day and window blinds were permanently down. CAPTION: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE have unearthed yet another indoor marijuana plantation in Almeria city.

This time the illegal drug cultivation was in the Plaza de Toros district of the provincial capital.

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Police said the giveaways that something out-of-the-ordinary was going on in the property were the two air-conditioning units operating 24-hours a day and the permanently lowered blinds on the windows.

Surveillance of the property reinforced suspicions. The police highlighted the behaviour of the only occupant: every time he went out he took lots of twists and turns and went all round the houses or made unnecessary stops on his way back, presumably to avoid detection by police in the area.

When police went into the property they found 140 plants growing in two of the three bedrooms.

The occupant is charged with drug offences and defrauding the power supply.


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