Demonstrators block AP-7 motorway in Murcia in flood protests

Protest against flooding in Los Alcazares. Credit: Foro Alcázares/Facebook

DOZENS of people fed up with being flooded out blocked traffic on the AP-7 motorway at Los Alcazares, Spain, yesterday (December 6). 

They spread themselves across the road at the Torre Pacheco-Los Alcázares exit to make themselves heard, because they are “fed up (with the authorities) not taking measures” while the people of the Mar Menor continue to suffer severe consequences of heavy rains. 

The protest was organised through social media, where people were called to march, from the nearby BP petrol station, then block the road. 


Pedro Jose Sanchez, Councillor for Urbanism and Local Police, said that around 100 people had joined the protest, which he described as quiet and without notable incident – apart from the motorway being blocked. 

“It’s about the government taking the trouble to give solutions,” said one of the demonstrators. “We just want them to listen to us and give us some hope,” said another. 

Traffic on the road was totally halted and had to turn around and continue via alternative routes. 

Guardia Civil officers finally moved the demonstrators on, saying there was no disturbance of public order. 

A spokesman from Murcia’s regional government said it is working to solve the problems that continue to cause flooding in Los Alcazares and the Mar Menor area on a regular basis, including twice in the past two months. 



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