Local cuisine main ingredient in Adra Costa Almeria promotional campaign

KEY INGREDIENT: The Mayor said the project shines a light on Adra’s pride in its cuisine. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

LOCAL cuisine is the main ingredient in a new campaign aimed at promoting Adra as a visitor destination.

Dubbed ‘Adra KM0’, the year-long gastronomy-themed promotional drive will see an investment of some €156,000, 80 per cent financed by the European Regional Development Fund and 20 per cent by the local authority.

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Unwrapping details of the project at a presentation this week, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes described it as “a key piece in shining a light on our pride in our thousand-year-old gastronomy in a locality which is living an interesting present and which has a promising future.”

More specifically, the initiative is aimed at boosting tourism thorough a distinctive quality food brand and improving the competitiveness of municipal bars and restaurants.

Another central aim is to encourage the consumption of local, seasonal produce and to create incentives for buying direct from small producers located within a 100-kilometre radius in order to reduce the distribution chain and to help create a sustainable local economy.

Commenting on the campaign logo and colours, Adra Economic Development councillor Carmen B. Lopez said it “speaks of the products of a town a thousand years old, of the sea, of the land and of the light which penetrates everywhere.”

The councillor explained the year ahead is packed with food-related activities, including tastings, tapas routes and events orientated around particular products, with the participation of Adra’s restaurants. Also planned are cooking competitions, congresses and conferences.

Project director and well-known Almeria chef Tony Garcia expressed his delight and pride at being involved in the campaign and the objective of putting Adra’s gastronomy in the spotlight.


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