DNA potentially more valuable than social media

A simple test and a lifetime of information Credit: Shutterstock

AS companies become more sophisticated in their targeting of consumers based on social media, it is possible that a new option is about to be considered – DNA.

There has been a massive growth in people taking advantage of DNA testing sites to discover their ancestry and it is estimated that the 26 million tests undertaken so far by companies such as AncestryDNA and 23andme may just be the tip of the iceberg.

Even if companies like this do not share information with third parties, the person who has received the DNA information may be approached and invited to share the findings.

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Some examples of how this could be used would allow consumers to obtain their perfect diet, fitness plans or specialised skin care recommendations all based on the information supplied by DNA.

In Japan, there is already a special DNA test which can detect an individual’s tolerance to alcohol and and once this has been identified the company will produce unique 3D printed personalised drinking glasses which help control intake.

Swiss multinational Nestlé has recently launched a series of healthy products which are based on volunteered DNA tests so that the consumer can be advised of the most suitable vitamins and supplements to help enrich their daily life.

The next obvious option is to combine DNA information with wearable technology such as health watches and the possibilities are endless, with even food preferences being recognised through DNA.


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