Council make commitment to children and gender-violence in Vélez-Málaga

Credit: Vélez-Málaga City Council

THE City Council of Vélez-Málaga have made a firm commitment to a range of cultural and social issues in the community.

At a plenary session held last week, the council approved several motions related to gender-based violence, children’s rights and the municipality’s festive traditions. 

The meeting began with a recital of an institutional manifesto to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, where initiatives will be introduced in Vélez-Málaga to fight against gender violence and enhance the network of support to women affected by the crime.

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Three proposals were also approved to support the ‘International Children’s Day’ and the 30th anniversary of the ‘Children Rights Convention’. As Vélez-Málaga has been recognised as a ‘Child Friendly City’ by UNICEF, the council have promised to renew their commitment through a framework that will continue to protect children.

Finally, the council declared Vélez-Málaga’s nativity scene as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.’ This was at the request of the Association of Belenistas, who asked for a commitment to preserve one of the most important traditions in society.


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