COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Shot fired when pensioners resist masked robbers

Guardia Civil looking for robbers.

A COUPLE in their 80s had a terrifying ordeal when masked robbers burst in and fired a shotgun in the course of a robbery on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the Novelda (Alicante) incident, but the robbers got away with cash and jewellery. 

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Police say two assailants wearing gloves and balaclava helmets burst in to the house taking the couple by surprise. 

The robbers are said to have spoken Spanish with a foreign accent, threatening their victims with the shotgun. 

They shouted and pushed the couple, ordering the couple to tell them where they kept their money and valuables. 

But the woman resisted and verbally confronted one of them, which triggered the anger of the other thief who shot the bed. 

At this point the couple decided theat discetion was the better part of valour and told the assailants what they wanted to know. 

With this the thieves grabbed cash and jewelley and made their escape, with police saying it is likely Several patrols of Local Police and Guardia Civil were quickly deployed but could not trace the attackers. 

Police believe the robbers may have hit the wrong target as there are other more luxurious chalets in the area where their booty would have been much larger. 

Patrols are staying in the area as a preventative measure. 

This was not the first incident in the area. On November 29 two men with masked faces committed a robbery in the neighbouring town of Aspe. 

On this occasion they entered the pharmacy on Calle San José shortly before 9.30 pm, just as staff were about to pull down the blinds. 

One of the thieves held a screwdriver and the other a mallet. When they entered the establishment, the owner and an employee were counting the day’s proceeds in an interior room and did not notice the presence of the two assailants. One of them put the screwdriver around a shop assistant’s neck and asked her to open the cash register. But she managed to set off the alarm and the thieves ran away with the till’s contents as the only booty. 

Minutes later, a Local Police patrol arrived at the pharmacy. Also in this case the Guardia Civil is carrying out investigations and the authors could already be identified, say police. 

The day before Guardia Civil arrested a 55-year-old man as alleged perpetrator of five robberies with violence in shops, in one of which he assaulted an employee and threatened him with a knife to the abdomen. 

The robberies were committed in Aspe, Monforte, Monóvar and Agost, specifically in two supermarkets, a grocery store, a warehouse and a drugstore. 




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