COSTA BLANCA NEWS: Petrol station robber struck in Alicante and Murcia

HELD: National Police made two arrests. CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

POLICE have arrested a man accused of three knife-point robberies at petrol stations in Alicante and Murcia, Spain.

Investigators say he is the man who entered the premises with his face covered and armed with a large kitchen knife, which he used to threaten staff and customers. 

The three robberies took place in the space of 10 days in Callosa de Segura, Granja de Rocamora and Santomera. The 36-year-old detainee has been remanded in custody by an Orihuela court. 

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Agents of the Investigation Area of the Guardia Civil de Callosa de Segura, together with the Judicial Police Team of the Guardia Civil de Almoradí, began operation “Tempux” on November 15, after learning of a robbery at a petrol station on the N-340, at Callosa de Segura. 

Witnesses told the agents that a man entered the establishment with his face covered with several items of clothing, and after threatening them with a knife took the money from the till before escaping on foot. 

Five days later another robbery took place inside the Granja de Rocamora petrol station. This time, he fled in a vehicle with a covered licence plate to avoid identification. 

Faced with the proximity in time and space of these two robberies, the Guardia Civil decided to increasing security at all service stations located within a fairly wide radius in order to prevent this person from acting again. 

The operation paid off and there were no more robberies at petrol stations in this part of Alicante. However, the agents became of another robbery on November 25, this time at a service station in Santomera (Murcia). The modus operandi used was identical, so police connected the three cases. 

By examining security videos and interviewing witnesses police managed to identify characteristic features of the car used. They then sent foot patrols aout round petrol stations until they found a car parked nearby. 

Inside was a man who was detained. A search of his home found clothing and footwear that linked him to the crimes, say police. 




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