Busot Costa Blanca claims municipal health centre overstretched

INSUFFICIENT: The council claims the staff numbers and opening hours are not enough to cover the population. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Busot Facebook @AyuntamientoBusot

THE Busot municipal health centre is overstretched and needs extra staff and longer opening hours, the local council claims.

The centre currently has one doctor, a nurse and an administrator and is open Monday to Friday until 3pm. The local authority says this is not sufficient to cover the population of just over 3,000, and has asked the Valencia Community government to extend the time for patient consultations and for blood extractions, and to assign the centre a paediatrician.

“We call on the Health department to extend and improve primary attention hours, at least one afternoon a week, with a medical and nurse consultation service, and as well, the assignment of  a new doctor to therefore improve the health centre’s human resources”, the council has reportedly said.


Busot Health councillor Belen Moreno told Spanish media waiting lists at the centre “have increased considerably in recent years.”

The saturation of the centre is particularly acute in summer and autumn.


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