SPANISH NEWS: Unsatisfied customer tries to burn down Madrid brothel


A MAN tried to set fire to a Madrid brothel because he was unhappy with the ‘service’ provided.

“I am going to burn the place with you inside”, the unsatisfied customer reportedly declared after having relations with three women in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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He stormed to a nearby service station and bought a three-litre can of petrol, went back to the brothel and sprinkled it around inside. He then pulled out a lighter and threatened to set the place on fire.

A police patrol got there just in time and arrested him.

A taxi driver had raised the alarm and called 091 after the angry man crossed paths with him at the garage and told him what he was planning to do with the petrol.

According to Spanish media the would-be arsonist is a 59-year old with a police record.


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