Science and industry centre of Costa de Almeria international tourism promotion campaign

YEAR-ROUND: The Diputacion President affirmed scientific and industrial sector attractions can help break the season nature of tourism. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

SCIENCE and industry are at the centre of a national and international Costa de Almeria tourism push.

Representatives from the provincial tourist board, the business community and administrations attended a recent informative breakfast event in Almeria city to focus on how the scientific and industrial sectors can attract more visitors to the province.

Diputacion de Almeria President Javier A. Garcia explained that 2020 would see the launch of the provincial government’s “most ambitious” campaign for so-called “tourism of experiences.”


There was, the Diputacion head promised, “going to be a revolution in scientific and industrial tourism in Almeria.”

Specific attractions the provincial administration has in mind include the Macael marble quarries, the Calar Alto observatory, the Bedar and Rodalquilar mines, Pulpi’s giant geode and the cinema industry.

“We have to offer tourists something different which means unique experiences”, Garcia affirmed.

Scientific and industrial sector attractions can help break the seasonal nature of tourism in Almeria, generating wealth, creating jobs and helping to prevent an exodus from rural areas, he added.


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