Power to Costa Blanca electric vehicles in Villajoyosa

PRIORITY: The local council stressed it is committed to protecting the environment CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Villajoyosa

VILLAJOYSA council is boosting the number of electric vehicle charging points in the municipality.

The local authority has now installed new points in Avenida dels Mariners de la Vila Joiosa in front of the La Cala medical centre and on Avenida Pais Valencia in the heart of the town.

The council is also creating green parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles at both the charging points.


The Villajoyosa administration received a subsidy from the IVACE Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness for just over €10,000 as part of a line of financial assistance for electrical vehicle infrastructure this year.

The total cost of installing the two municipal points was €17,333.12.

“The environment has always been among this council’s priorities, and thanks to the close collaboration and the good understanding between the administrations it has been possible to have two new charging points for electrical vehicles in the town”, commented Villajoyosa Town Planning councillor Pedro Alemany.

Added Villajoyosa Mayor Andreu Verdu, “A short while ago we presented two other charging points in Avenida Pianista Gonzalo Soriano and we recently modified the fiscal bylaw introducing discounts on the vehicle tax on non-contaminating cars.

“With the presentation of these two new recharging points we are continuing with our commitment to the environment, strengthening the use of a less contaminating vehicle, looking to reduce CO2 emissions in our municipality and making it easier for uses.”

COMMITMENT: The local council said it is committed to protecting the environment


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