ENGLISH NEWS: Ulrika Jonsson promotion ads banned for being too sexy!


An advert featuring sexy Ulrika Jonsson promoting an over-Fifties dating app has been banned after being ruled to be “offensive”.

The  gorgeous 52-year-old TV presenter – who has been very open about her search for love since splitting from her husband in April this year – stared in the billboard for Lumen wearing red lingerie and stockings with the tagline: “Be my stocking filler”.

But apparently, Transport for London advertising agency Global rejected the advertisement  after the Committee of Advertising Practice ruled it could cause offence as the image was too sexy!

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They have said: “We think that the image and the tagline ‘Be my stocking filler’ are likely to be considered problematic in out-of-home advertising as this could cause offence due to the sexual connotations, along with the potential of being seen to objectify women.”

  Charly Lester co founder of the app said: “It’s difficult to understand, considering that we’re constantly bombarded by highly sexualised images of people in their Twenties and Thirties, why we can’t have a fun and sexy advert featuring a beautiful 52-year-old woman.”

A TfL spokesman said: “Our advertising agent… deemed parts of Lumen’s advertising campaign not to be compliant following advice from the Committee of Advertising Practice.”


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