Council agrees cash allocation for energy efficient lighting in Mojacar Costa Almeria

SAVINGS: The council said the changes will mean savings on electricity and maintenance bills and will cut energy consumption by 60 per cent. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

MOJACAR council has approved a local authority-financed credit supplement of €237,383 to go towards the installation of energy efficient lighting in the municipality.

The council said it was in a position to add to the European Regional Development Fund grant for investments in a low carbon economy given the remaining liquid assets.

The council stressed the move falls within the regulatory legal framework for local administrations and is supported by a favourable report from the council Secretariat and Treasury.

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Mojacar has received a €949,525 subsidy for improving the efficiency of public lighting and reducing light pollution.

However the total cost for replacing all the lighting on a total of 1,213 light points, the replacement of 447 posts in poor condition, anti-corrosion treatment on another 300 posts and the implementation of new power surge protection and control systems amounts to €1,186,910.

Hence the council has proposed contributing to the shortfall to finish the job, which the local authority maintains will mean an annual saving of more than €70,000, plus an estimated reduction in maintenance costs of some €49,000 and an energy saving of more than 60 per cent a year.


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