Costa del Sol: Project abandonned in Malaga

Licence request withdrawn: Building remains unoccupied SOURCE: Polomap

THE CENTRAL government’s plan to build a new headquarters for the National Institute of Social Security on Calle Pacifico in Malaga, to accommodate some 2,000 employees, has been abandoned. 

The idea, which was brought to the table a little over nine years ago, has been suspended after the state agency officially withdrew the licence request made to the planning department.

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The project was originally presented in October 2010 by the then sub-delegate in Malaga, Hilario López Luna, and the provincial director of the National Institute of Social Security, Manuel Prieto, who revealed the intention to go ahead with the works in the summer of 2011, with an estimated term of 24 months and an investment of €54 million. The amount, however, skyrocketed to 67.8 million by including the cost of acquiring the land, of 8,775 square meters, and project and license costs. 



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