Costa del Sol News: Suspected murderer fled to Belgium

Extradition requested: Homicide and robbery charges. SOURCE:

THE COURT instructing the investigation into the death of Anne, the 58-year-old Belgian woman who was found dead in her home in Tolox, has asked Belgian authorities for the extradition of the man who was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the crime after he escaped with the victim’s vehicle. 

However, sources claim that there is question over the possibility of extradition as Belgium is a country known for being difficult in the case of extraditions, especially if they are citizens of that nationality.

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The 49-year-old detainee from Halle was located and arrested on November 15 in Tubize, a town near Brussels and more than 2,000 km from Malaga.

He stands charged of the alleged crime of homicide and another of robbery with violence in an inhabited house, after which he fled in the victim’s Mercedes to Belgium. 




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