Costa del Sol: Food donations for Bancosol Malaga

Bancosol volunteers hard work: The most important campaign of the yearSOURCE: Twitter

THE CLASSIFICATION and distribution of food for Bancosol’s Great Collection began on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning at the food bank’s warehouse, there were 49 more people from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon, volunteers from different entities and associations and others who just wanted to spend their time helping with the cause. In the afternoon from 4 pm to 7 pm another 38 people joined in to classify food from the hundreds of boxes received from the 330 supermarkets that have participated in the Great Collection.

It will continue like this for around 20 or 25 days until the classification is completed, Monday through Friday with volunteers from all over Malaga.


Data already shows the collection of 643,700 kilos of food that will go to the more than 47,000 people who still need this basic resource in the province of Malaga.


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