Costa del Sol: Educating residents of Malaga

Leaders of change: Reduction of energy consumption SOURCE: Wikipedia

MAYOR of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre recently took part in the event ‘Change the Economy to stop Climate Change’ in Madrid,  a meeting promoted by the Nesi Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation. In this meeting De la Torre presented his formula for the city to become a leader of change: “Through direct action, communities have to play an active and mobilizing role to combat climate change through the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewables, the reduction of the carbon footprint, the promotion of public transport and the electric vehicle, without forgetting the importance of education for all residents.”

De la Torre stated his case for the community during a debate in which Diego Isabel La Moneda, director of the NESI Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation also participated; María Ángeles León, co-founder of the Open Value Foundation; and Rebeca Pastor Berezo, director of fiiS Spain (International Festival of Social Innovation). They also agreed to highlight the importance of cities and residents in defending the climate and the environment.


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