Costa Blanca News: University lecturer suspended after marking 223 papers with a zero

Campus University of Alicante

A UNIVERSITY lecturer has been suspended unpaid for two years for ‘malpractice’ after he scored 223 papers that counted for 30 per cent of course marks with a zero. 

This was just one of the incidents that led to his students putting in official complaints to the University of Alicante (UA) authorities on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

The professor of Advertising and Public Relations was put under investigation in January, explained the vice-rector of Academic Organisation and Faculty of the UA, José Penadés. 

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His suspension started in August, but has only been publicised now. 

As well as ‘malpractice’, the disciplinary committee decided that he had committed “very serious misconduct” in the way he ran his course, which deviated from expected standards. 

Students complained that he called ‘make-up exams’ or resits at the last minute, not telling those who needed to sit them until the day before. 

He also failed to tell the students what subjects were covered by the exams, gave course work without sufficient information for students to complete it properly and refused to repeat content even when asked to by puzzled students. 

Once he was removed, a subject coordinator was chosen to replace him and was in charge of giving workshops to teach the subjects that the original professor had failed to do and to set new exams. 



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