Woman In The UK Gets All Of Her 17 Pets To Pose For A Photo Together

Woman In The UK Gets All Of Her 17 Pets To Pose For A Photo Together Credit: Twitter

WITH THE AID of numerous treats and days of patience, pet-whisperer Kathy Smith achieved the family photo she had dreamed of.

The resultant photo of the pets meekly sitting to attention has since gone viral online.

The UK-based pet-whisperer got all 17 of her pets to pose for a photo together, quite a feat considering the photo includes nine cats who weren’t as easily persuaded by “treats” as her eight pooches, resulting in weeks of re-takes and the patience of a saint to capture the heart-warming snap

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To accomplish the daunting task, Smith first used treats to bribe her eight dogs into posing patiently in the living room of her three-bedroom home.

The pet rescuer admitted that it was easy to get the dogs to sit with the promise of treats but that the cats were “another matter”

Wrangling the nine disobedient moggies required her to rush back and forth with the camera on standby, and repeatedly pick them up and putting them back until they finally stayed.

The 30-year-old shop assistant from Corwen, Wales rescues animals in need. Along with her 17 cats and dogs, Smith cares for four budgies, several fish and a baby hedgehog.

“People are usually shocked when they come over and realize how many pets we have, the house is mad but we’re used to it,” says Smith as reported by local press Unilad.

The impressive photo shows nine felines and eight somber-faced pooches lined up on and around the sofa.


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